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Orchestra of the Cavaliers

The Lake Travis Orchestra have a tradition of excellence and high standards. The Orchestra program enjoys great support from parents, administration and the community. 


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Monster Concert- October 27th, 7pm, PAC 

Nosferatu- October 29th, 7pm,Lakeway Activity Center

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Meet The Team



I look forward to coming to school because of orchestra. I choose not to skip because of orchestra.

Orchestra is my most favorite class in high school.


It is helping me with team work, improving my social life, and it gives me a class to look forward to, because its such a fun class, and especially with the other hard classes I'm taking it gives me time to  have fun with friends and play.


It gives me a break and allow me to have fun. It also takes my mind off of anything that’s currently stressing me out.

It teaches about responsibility.