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Lake Travis Orchestra  is seeking family volunteers and family/business sponsorships that support our talented and hardworking musicians.  



  Sponsorships follow the school calendar, beginning August 16th and run throughout the school year. So the sooner you sponsor the more benefit your business derives. Your contributions are tax deductible!


Volunteering Opportunities

Calling all parents to volunteer!!

Flag Volunteers-

Sign Up to distribute flags for major holidays in your neighborhood. Great parent-student bonding time!!

Watch the Flag delivery video 

Read Flag delivery instructions

Monster Concert Volunteers-

MEGA bake sale and auction event for Orchestra. 



The Lake Travis High School Orchestra and Band are selling subscriptions for US flags for 2022-23.  For $60, Orchestra and Band members will place a US flag in front of your yard on five selected National Holidays-Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day &  Veterans Day.  This is a service that shows our patriotism and support for the many endeavors of the Lake Travis High School Orchestra and Band. 

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